Friday, July 29, 2011

Simply seductive.

Apologies on such a huge break between posting! We've been having HUGE trouble with our Internet and yesterday it completely cut out.  We're told it's fixed now but it's still rather slow. 

It's still cold here at the moment and it can get hard through a long winter to stay inspired in dressing and for me designing and making clothes when I'll I feel like doing is curling up on the couch watching movies (I get bored with this quickly though). 

I found this editorial photographed by Tom Munro for Numero #125 just since getting our Internet back and I find it greatly inspiring as the clothing and styling of is exactly what I've been loving this winter but had lost the inspiration for. 

I love the edginess of the kind of fetish, Bondage theme which to me communicates the 'feel' of the clothing in a way. All the tight leather, cinched in waistlines and buttoned up necklines, yet never done in a conservative way. 

I especially love where leather and chiffon have been used together, all in back but they'r just such different fabrics that the contrast is amazing.

I made myself a shirt recently that's black chiffon with leather detailing and it's been too cold to wear it yet but I'm looking forward to getting the chance to wear it with either high waisted pants or a high waisted skirt. 

I also adore the stay up or held up stockings (with suspender belt), again a look I love so much at the moment and before we came into our rather cold weather here I'd been wearing stockings either just over the knee or thigh highs and before I broke it, I had a lovely suspender belt to wear with them. I'd wear it just below the hem line of my dress or skirt. Like a lot of things, it looks good if done right. I've seen some people wearing it but the rest of the outfit they're wearing it with is too revealing that it starts to look really tacky and well just plain skanky. So, my rule that stays true most of the time: Choose, boobs or legs - it's fine to show a little bit of cleavage or some thigh, but not both at the same time. Of course at time's depending on overall styling as well as materials used and such this rule changes but generally it works.  


Darling, you're the cat's meow.