Friday, July 01, 2011

Black and white stripes.

I've always loved the simplicity of black and white in anything from photography through to fashion. Previously though when wearing black and white it would be contrasting blocks of black and white against each other, for example my high waisted black leather pants worn with a white chiffon top. If I were wearing an outfit like such then I'd normally pair it with a bright red clutch or shoes, or just something that gave it a bit of a pop. 

Lately though, while I still love the classic look described above, I've really been loving wearing black&white in a more striking, graphic way; in bold stripes.


Even just as detail features on a garment can still make a bold statement...

Givenchy took inspiration from a 1970's David Bowie making the style even more bold and graphic playing with juxtaposed angles of stripes.

I found this jacket of mine at an opshop a few months back for $12. It was something like a size 14 but I bought it and just altered it (took in the seams and put some darts in) and now it's a good fit on me. 

The bold graphic impact that comes with such black and white stripes is great by itself, just worn with all black, however I do still love contrasting it against one other block of colour such as the red clutch or a coloured skirt like the green one below. 

I've liked wearing the jacket how it is but I'm thinking that at the end of winter, when I don't want the warmth of the jacket as much, that I might crop it of at the waist and really tailor it to flatter.

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