Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Mod Flapper.

I've always loved both the Nineteen Twenties and the Nineteen Sixties and the styles that came with each decade. I think it's something about the changing social attitudes of both periods in history with women flighting for more rights along with equality between sexes and the way that men reacted to the more 'empowered' women. 

I've definitely noticed in recent emerging styles even in just recent collections from designers at Paris Fall 2011 Couture week, styles from both the Twenties and the sixties emerging and sometimes a really interesting cross over of both decades. 

From both these decades I love the fashions that were worn by the Flappers in the Twenties and then my the Mods in the sixties. Whilst individually these styles are very different due to such different times and what was socially excepted to begin with and then how it was 'challenged' through what was worn, they do generally have quite a few similarities in certain structural elements and what they were overall trying to achieve.

Apart from just the clothing styles of these era's, I particularly love the hair and make-up styles of each era. The hair was generally shorter - reflecting a more so masculine style and making a statement to equality between sexes - yet the make-up became a lot bolder to previous styles.

On this topic, I just two days ago got all my hair cut off! I used to have really long wavy hair that I generally wore with it's natural wave through it and it was that real bohemian inspired style. It just got to the point that I was not only sick of looking after all my hair. but it just felt like that's all I'd had for so long that I decided it was time to move on and got it cut just below the jaw line. I don't have any pictures yet, but it's cut to sit just below the jaw line at the front and it follows the angle of the jaw back to be slightly shorter in the back. I didn't want a fringe at all and kept just my middle part for now but I can easily change it up whenever.

I love the style because it can be styled to look so different - when it's sleek and straight it's quite a 60's style with how I tend to do my everyday make-up, yet if I put a finger wave through it, it's such a 1920's Flapper style - god I love it and I'm so glad I just did it!

Some inspirational pictures for you from these two era's and also some modern interpretations of these era's and some of the recent 'cross over' styles I mentioned:

From Fall 2011 Couture Fashion week:

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  1. last week I was doing some research about flappers and they are so inspiring. It's crazy that during that time people thought of them as being 'slutty women' because of their sex appeal and confidence and their behavior towards men. While when we look at them now they look like the most classy women ever.


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