Saturday, July 09, 2011

Couture Fashion Week Stand Out: Alexis Mabille

So I decided against reviewing every designers collection for recent Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Paris Couture Fashion Week, I felt it was a little time consuming and I feel I have other topics and things to share that I'd like to be blogging about over the next few days!

Instead, I decided to just share collections that really stood out to me (in a good way) and my thoughts and favourite pieces.


Alexis Mabille's collection would actually have to be my favourite of this Paris Couture week. His collection was just to me everything I think of 'Couture collections' to embody - it told a story and the whole collection had such whimsy and a strong central theme running through it, it wasn't a large collection but this allowed for more attention on the amazing pieces that were there and helped keep them all feeling part of one collection. 

The collection was inspired by characters from the classic French fables of  Jean de La Fontaine. I love the way this was interpreted into the collection were individual outfits represented certain characters without being taken too literally that the outfits became like costumes - a mean feat for a couture collection in my opinion! I feel that this inspiration was used to just give the collection a strong central theme or 'backbone' yet had the perfect amount of elegance and sophistication combined with whimsy. 

The collection:

I also loved the animal inspired trend throughout this collection, the use of furs, feathers and prints was just perfect! 

There was one stand out look for me that I have come to decide is actually my favourite garment of the whole Couture Fashion Week. I love the simplistic silhouette of this as well as the black and white, I am also just loving animal prints at the moment especially when it can be refined to such an elegant level. I also love the use of feathers that somehow seem to both blend in with, yet at the same time juxtapose against the fur. 

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  1. Agreed. This collection is totally chic and as you said, it has a whimsy feel to it.



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