Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nicole Trunfio for LoveCat.

Love, Love, Love this editorial with Nicole Trunfio, shot by Aram Bedrossian for LoveCat Magazine #1; it has such a classic sex appeal whilst remaining edgy and modern.

I love the different furs, feathers and leather featured throughout this spread which again creates such a classic feel through the furs, yet the feathers and leather and more so the way they've all been styled makes them more edgy. 

Whilst I know people bang on about how it's wrong to have models smoking and such because it glamorises Smoking, in the end it's up to individuals to make their minds up and I think it just adds such a classic elegance and timelessness to the photos.

My favourite photo's would have to be the last two. I love masks and the mystery that comes with it, you're left wanting to know who's behind the mask?, I think it would have worked really well as the first picture of the spread to draw the viewer in.

I adore the one that was before that even more though - looking at that photo alone it could easily be a photo taken back in the 1940's. It is the epitome of classic elegant and every aspect of the photo works together in such harmony.

...I guess I'm also just so drawn to this editorial because it's black and white with such lovely contrast and balance between inky black and soft white. 

I also again found a lovely video to go with it - behind the scenes...

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  1. Nicole has always been one of my favourite models! This editorial is just too amazing.

    Nice blog btw :) am following you, do check out mine and follow me if you like my blog :)

    much love


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