Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The spy glass: Jonathan Leder's camera lens

So I've shared with you my favourite digital photographer and a few other photographers that I really like the work of, but I hadn't (until now) shared with you any of my favourite photographers that shoot primary or completely in film. Given that Film photography is my preferred format, I myself was surprised when i realised but when I think about it, it's actually quite hard to come across photographers working commercially this days shooting with film due to so many different aspects to it, the process and the costs involved that just makes digital so much more time and money saving!

Anyway, I do know of a few photographers that have still made quite a name for them self shooting in film and some others that I really like even though they aren't known at all but I've just stumbled across their work at some point.

For this post though I want to just share my overall favourite film photographer: Jonathan Leder. I adore the 'simplistic' beauty that all his photographs have, yet whilst always being simplistic in nature they all tell a story and really draw you in wanting to know what the story behind them is. 

Whilst visually they are so beautifully simplistic, all his photographs are composed so well - I really love interesting placement of subjects within pictures or how subjects are framed, etc. I think this is something that Leder does so well that the standard viewer wouldn't notice it, yet it creates more interest within the photographs.  

The thing I love most that a lot of his photographs possess is a sense that you are almost spying on the subjects within the pictures and they either have no idea you're watching them or they know and almost are putting on a show for you - without you knowing that they know you're watching them. 

There's a great interview that tells you more about the man than any bio's will over at http://www.seelike.me/post/123533743/jonathan-leder-interview

and his own website is http://www.jonathanleder.com/

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  1. I find it fantastic that there are photographers like him, that only shoot in film. I can not even describe it how I feel about this deeply, I just find this so much more real and when you think about it this is what true photography is, capturing a moment, in stead of clicking and clicking and clicking and afterwords checking which captured moment of aaaaalll these moments is a good image to use.


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