Monday, July 11, 2011

"Gypsy Pirating since '92."

It's funny the memories that stand out to people. 

I decided to do this post to contribute to Project #4 on Independent Fashion Bloggers, where it was described as follows:

"Do you remember what you wore on a special first date? Or what you wore to a memorable birthday or graduation? Outfits have history to them. For this reason we thought it would be a fun idea to take an outfit from a special day and recreate it. Not only will this make you exercise your styling skills but this will also make you relive a special moment."

Whilst I do remember what I wore on different occasions such as high school grad, dates, birthdays, etc. the outfits that stands out to me more than any of them is the outfits I used to wear when I played games with my brothers when I was quite a lot younger ... my particular favorite is my 'Gypsy Pirate outfit'.

 Being from a family of four children and never being particularly 'well-off', we never bought costumes and 'dress-ups', it was all hand-me-downs and a little creativity. 

So, I decided to do an updated and restyled outfit inspired from this pirate outfit from when I was about five ...

So I took more just the overall feel of this outfit and inspiration of the kind of 'Gypsy Pirate' and styled a more modern and wearable outfit.


I piled on jewellery with lots of necklaces and rings for the whole Gypsy part which I tried to capture closure but it was hard to get it all in frame! 


  1. Wonderful idea - and wonderful blog! I found you through IFB and Immediately knew I wanted to become a follower. Looking forward to many more inspiring posts!

    I can't believe how cute the pirate photo is, I really have to try this styling challenge myself.

    According to Annika

  2. That's a nice idea! I still have to explore IFB better.. I did see something about participating in projects in a flash though.. nice!

    And your interpretation of your kid-pirate-look turned out really nice and now!

  3. "Gypsy Pirate" is always the best style inspiration. Love it. :)

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  4. LOVE THIS!!!!! Like that it has a grown up fashionable take on the pirate look! And what an adorable "baby" picture!


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