Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bringing out the animal within.

Here in Australia, especially Perth we can be a little behind in the global fashion trends. Even though Internet and even things such as Fashion TV (FTV) on Foxtel has made it a lot more accessible to view the trends straight away when the rest of the world does, there will always be the slight problem that our Seasons are the reverse of the 'Fashion World'. 

This winter, I'd have to say one of the most recognisable styles on the streets and in stores would be animal inspired such as animal prints, faux fur and even feathers. 

I do love a good leopard print, but it really does have to be done correct; it can so easily go from chic to tacky. I found a lovely leopard print dress a few weeks ago that while it was so now and done really nicely being in sheer chiffon (of course lined where it needed to be), but decided against it simply down to the fact that I don't have spare cash to splash at the moment what-so-ever and this really makes me focus more on the longevity of trends that I buy into. 

Instead, I decided to buy only accessory pieces that allow me to inject some current trend into more classic outfits. I've almost completely stayed away from the animal prints and instead bought into some faux fur pieces such as my vintage grey faux fur stole to picked up at a market in Melbourne a little while ago.

Image 7 of 10 : GPPR summer 2011

I think the animal inspired trend will evolve further still and I think that it's already evident to see that it's being interpreted in a stronger way with the focus on reptile skins and lots of leather. I think that I'm set for now just with a red snake skin clutch of mine and some solid leather pieces such as my eighties high waisted leather pants.

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