Friday, July 08, 2011

Trips down memory lane.

We went out for dinner to celebrate my younger brothers birthday tonight and despite starting off with more than enough time to get ready to go out (I don't usually take that long), I ended up running short of time and throwing together my outfit in less than five minutes after several phone calls as well as having problems with our power which kept shorting out for some unknown reason, making it very difficult to do or see anything! 

I ended up wearing a few pieces of clothing that I haven't worn in a while but that used to be solid favourites of mine. 

The dress was the first Vintage piece of clothing I ever bought when I was sixteen and although I've changed it a little bit over the last few years (I really can't help myself, I alter almost everything in my wardrobe at some point just to kept it interesting) it still just reminds me of everything I used to think pretty vintage dresses should be; light, airy and in a floral print. I haven't worn it in quite sometime because I really don't tend to dress in such girly, girl things any more, yet I think with the right styling it can be worn in a different way that doesn't have such an overwhelming girly kind of vibe. 

I paired it with a more up to date crop military inspired jacket of mine to give it a bit of edge and wore with over the knee stockings.

Due to it being rather bitter at night at the moment I threw on a coat of mine that again I haven't worn for quite sometime. This coat will always mean something to me because it was my main purchase in Europe when I had the opportunity to travel over to Austria to stay with family friends in Vienna when I was sixteen. I stayed for three weeks over Christmas and New Years and their Christmas present to me was a day trip to Paris with them and this is when I bought this coat on the Champs-Élysées. It's quite a tight fit now when worn over another jacket but it still just works.

I took some quick pics when I got home,but they're not the greatest - I was already feeling ready for bed then but I felt like writing before going to sleep.

I've started mixing some different prints- such as the dress and the coat. I love how mixed prints can look but it has to be done to perfection otherwise it just doesn't work and can be extremely bad! I want to experiment a bit more, I tend to have a good eye for that kind of thing, I've just never worn such bold mixes on myself but I'd love to mix prints like the amazing Mondo Guerra from season eight of Project Runway!

On that note, I'll leave you with my two favourite mix print works from designer Mondo Guerra whilst on Project Runway...

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