Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Buying a Canon doesn't make you a photographer. It makes you a Canon owner"

I couldn't agree with this quote more. I generally don't place great value what so ever on what camera people shoot with, just what they can achieve with it and how they used the camera to do so. Photography to me is personal and it's using a camera as your tool to capture the world in the way you see it, or express a feeling or mood. To be able to do fully control how your photo turns out if you are wanting to express something particular you need to know how to use the camera settings and controls to achieve what you want. 

At the same time, I do think there is something so beautiful to spontaneous photographs - I just don't agree with people that call themselves photographers or claim that they are really into photography when they buy an expensive camera and put it all on Auto settings and take a million pictures of the same thing and find one that looks decent and then edit it in Photoshop until it's a good picture. 


Here is some of my personal Digital photography. 

The first two were shot in a studio with controlled lighting back when I had access to the studio at school, I really want to get the chance to work in studio's again but I just don't have access to one at the moment. 

These following shots I took last year at a lunch that our family held for my Grandparents 50th Anniversary. I was asked to take photo's of the day and these are some Candid snaps and photo's of just around the venue from the day...

Here are some more recent pictures I've taken..

I like the two above when I was playing around with long exposures and starting zoomed in on one spot and  zooming out whilst the shutter is open - I think it creates a really cool tunnel effect.

I don't edit my photo's much  - sometimes I'll change digitals to black and white if I'm not happy with the colours, and every now and again I'll lower the saturation or fix the shadow/highlight balance - yet I do believe that if the photo is taken well and you know how to control your aperture and shutter speed to achieve what you want then you shouldn't need to do even that. 


Whilst I photograph really anything that I think looks interesting and I do enjoy photographing events, I particularly enjoy actual shoots that I've planned to a degree (I always leave some parts of the planning out as it forces me to get into my creative head space) and I really want to get more into fashion photography, both in studios and on location.

For a while now I've really wanted to do a shoot in a graveyard, I've found my location and I know what what style I want for it but I haven't found someone with the look for it and that would be happy to be my model for the day!

Like I said before, these are my person photographs, so I'd appreciate if they're not copied or shown elsewhere without credit back to me or a link back to my blog, thanks!


  1. I like your photos, Melanie.
    I have a photography page but I don't really claim to be a photographer. I'm still learning and really having fun.
    Hope you're having a good Sunday :)
    Joy xx

  2. You are so right! I love the photos btw :) (and your blog as well hihi)


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  4. Love the photos and love your blog.
    That is why I want to present you One Lovely Blog award because your blog is sooo lovely.

    If you have any questions go to

    Thanks again. :DD


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