Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Designer Market in association with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

"Perth is where it's not at" - whilst Perth is slowly developing more and over the last few years we have had a lot of progress with the 'Fashion Industy' here in Perth as well as more and more creative individuals actually collaborating together to make more amazing things happen, we're still so far behind not even the rest of the world but Melbourne and Sydney on the other side of the country. 

Anyway, I'm constantly stumbling across great events in Melbourne and I just wish I still  lived there! (I was born in Melbourne, yet our family moved to Perth when I was really young) ... I'll get back there eventually though!

Whilst reading on the Fashion Journal website I stumbled across this Designer Market which will be held in association with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in September. It gives up and coming designers to hold fashion shows, sell their products and meet with customers - what an amazing opportunity! 

So, I thought I would just share for anyone in Melbourne for Spring Fashion week that is a designer and wants to get their work shown as well as anyone who would be interest to go and see the talent!

So the event is being held at The Lithuanian club on the 11th of September and entry is $2. 

And apart from just this special event in association with Fashion Week, The North Melbourne Market runs Monthly as a normal market with a great amount of stalls featuring anything From vintage fabrics and clothing, sweet treats, designer clothing, handmade jewellery and homeware.

More information about all of North Melbourne Market website:

  North Melbourne Market
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  1. This sounds really great, I wish I was in the area too. x hivenn

  2. Lovely blog you got here. I love it! <3

    Followed you, please follow me too? :)


  3. I wish I could be in Melbourne right now as well, I've been living in Adelaide for quite a fair bit of years now, it is a nice town and slowly getting more active in the fashion scene, but somehow Melbourne has just that different hint of fashion,art, and culture going on. Never been to Perth, might visit someday ;)


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