Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mulberry Fall 2011 Campaign.

I Adore the Fall 2011 Campaign for English Fashion Label Mulberry. Whilst of course the clothes are great - I adore some specific pieces but others not as much, yet I love the way they are captured and the setting they are placed in. I love the set for this shoot and I think that it works so well to kind of support the clothing and the communicate the feel of the collection and it has me wanting all the clothing shown here, yet when I see pieces individually I notice that they're probably not pieces I'd actually wear!

This is an example of a great set that achieves it's full potential of what it can and should do. I bring this up mainly as I had made comments on an editorial that I featured in this post a week or so back. Whilst I adore the editorial, I barely notice the clothing - the whole purpose of the editorial. 

This set really supports the clothing and whilst it is completely dreamy and whimsical, it doesn't take away from the clothing at all - instead it adds to them by almost sharing the story that goes with the clothes to the viewer.

This Campaign was Photographed by Tim Walker, an amazing photographer that I've written about before, I would consider to be the most inspiring person to me over the last few years of my life and in my photography work. 

An here's the video campaign...


  1. Oh my goodness ! These are totally outstanding !
    I don't even care if the clothes or models are beautiful or not ... These are genius !
    Thank you for sharing,
    x x x

  2. Looooove the new mulberry campaign, just amazing
    you have such an inspirational blog:):)
    love it :)


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