Thursday, July 14, 2011


This great blog actually found me on Independent Fashion Bloggers, but I'm so glad they did! 

ElysiumE is a great blog that is a content led website with a unique view - primarily - on the work of a fashion stylist. Targeted at all individuals with an interest in the visual art of image building and instinctive, progressive fashion styling 

A space dedicated to the creative minds behind the imagery we adore, whether they be students or professionals, undiscovered or established, we give our readers the opportunity to understand the image from the perspective of the creator - with featured interviews from internationally renowned stylists.

Head over and have a look at and feast your eyes and then find out a bit about the concepts and thinking behind the styling.  

There's not much of this around at all yet and it's definitely great to have an almost exclusive look into part of the fashion industry that is so often overlooked. 

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