Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Papercut magazine

Papercut magazine is an online magazine that will never leave you short of inspiration. I'm so glad I found it somewhere along the way as the amazing editorials as well as the great content are so awe inspiring and just a little bit different and quirky to any other magazine.

I love this kind of new age of magazines - digital, web based and/or just free to readers. We've definitely seen more of this develop over the last few years and I definitely think it's a great new breed of independent fashion magazines and such a refreshment from the big-name magazines if you ask me!

I often prefer the content and love that it's really provided a platform for up and coming artists of so many disciplines to be exposed. 


Papercut Magazine is a digital magazine focusing on fashion, art, culture, and current events.

Our mission is to highlight the artistic, political and cultural landscape of the emerging fashion community. Through investigative journalism, witty analysis, and creative research we invite our readers to explore this ever changing and provocative industry.

(above from the Papercut Facebook page)

I don't know where the magazine is actually based - they say that they like to think of themselves as citizens of the world. I do like this idea and I can't help but be intrigued by the mystery of not knowing! I like the way that it broadens the readers that are able to identify with the magazine.

I especially loved the latest issue of Papercut magazine (cover shown at top of post).

My favourite editorial from this issue:

View the full magazine and past issues on the Papercut website: http://www.papercutmag.com/


  1. Oh wow I've never actually seen it either! Thanks so much for the tip, I've bookedmarked it!



  2. I don't know it yet either..
    The cover looks quite interesting!

  3. Quite scary the black eyes..

    Hope your doing good girl! I'm back :)

  4. Gorgeous black and white shots! Love the severity in the contrast.


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