Friday, October 21, 2011

Back in Business.

So, It's been a while.

..I mean since I've posted, of course.

Life's become hectic lately and while I'm loving the faster pace and there's so many exciting things happening; at the same time I'm starting to feel like I've really been neglecting things that I like doing.

I've started (Well, I've been here a month and a half now) working fulltime in an office job which it's great, or more so the paychecks are great! I am enjoying it but it's taken a little while to get used to having no time during the week for anything else really.

On top of the not-so-new job I've also started doing work experience one day a week at Pigeonhole which is a great store (small chain of stores actually) here in perth.

I've loved Pigeonhole for years now and I asked the owner a little while back if I could do some general work experience in the stores to get that experience working in Fashion and with clothing.

If you live in Perth and haven't heard of Pigeonhole you must be living under a rock! I'd difinelty recommend checking out the stores in person, alternatively or if you live elsewhere Pigeonhole does sell some of their stuff online so check it out! also be sure to check out and 'Like' their Facebook page ...!/pigeonholeaustralia

Pigeonhole aslo holds an annual event to support Movember that also promotes and supports local Lomographers (see previous post - The event Lomovember "will be held during 11-13 November at a secret location in Perth’s CBD, and will kick off on Friday the 11th with a launch party featuring live music and prizes. Stay tuned for the final unveiling of the location! "

I've applied to help out at the event and have submitted a few peices of my own Lomo work. Check out the website here:


So hectic life aside, I'm back with a plan; or lack of plan in a way, but that is the plan! ...Are you following?

..I feel that one of the reasons that it got too hard to keep up with before was because I set out too strictly what I wanted to post about that it become impossible to find the time to sit down, source information and plan a post. So I'm going to try jsut going with the flow, I'll post when I have things to post about and I'll wing it, I'll write about whatever I'm posting how I feel about it at the time.


  1. Hi!

    Oh i so wish you had come and said hi at Student Runway! I am never too busy to meet another Perth Blogger!
    Wasn't it an amazing show? I wish I could get away with wearing clothes as weird and wonderful as some of the pieces on the Runway!


  2. Congrats on the new job babe! And I know how that goes with blogging, I have the same sometimes.. live is hectic and you have other things to do and on your mind and that's ok. Of course. Life is more than the world wide web :)


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