Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Sardina!

I love film photography. I remember messing around with the family camera when I was little, then everything would of course be on auto and I would just point and shoot but I still remember how excited I used to get when we'd take the film into the one hour developers and how the hour wait seemed like such an amazingly long time to finally get my film back. I just loved to see all those little moments in time that you normally would never think twice about, or if you did, who knows if that's exactly how that moment was or if over time your mind changes small details. I loved photographs for being able to capture those little moments so perfectly and save them forever. 

While the digital photography 'revolution' has been great to make capturing these moments in time more affordable and thus more accessible, there will always be such magic about film photography that digital photography will never truly recreate. 

Very high quality film photography will always be a higher quality than digital can recreate due to the way that the image is captured, yet to me that is not at all why I will always prefer analogue. To me it just means so much more and the whole process to how the image is created through light and chemical reactions is like magic.

Although I had to learn the actual process and theory behind how and why the image is produced, I think even without knowing that I always just appreciated it. The first time I ever developed my own images in a darkroom I remember watching the image slowly appearing on the page right before my eyes as I put it though the developing Chemicals and being truly mesmerized. 

These days, even though I no longer have access to a darkroom and have to pay to buy every roll of film and then get every roll developed (and I wonder where my money goes),  it's not cheap, especially for black and white which I love so much more again, I will always pay the money anyway because the excitement and the wait that makes you appreciate the images and the creativity behind them will always be worth it. 

While in some cases I want to have complete control over my photos and knowing mostly how they're going to turn out and that they definitely will turn out, there is something I love about just point and shoot and having that uncertainty about how and if it will turn out. This is what originally attracted me to Lomography in the first place. 

I got myself a Diana Mini with flash last December as a kind of Christmas present to myself and I now take it almost everywhere with me and due to it's mini size it makes it possible to take film photography anywhere. It's been a long time since I've been caught out on a weekend night or at a festival without my mini Diana and I think it has completely been worth it, I've captured so many memories in a really unique way and I cherish them. 

Some of my personal photographs captured on my Diana Mini using different films and sometimes my colour gel flash filters...

(Above photographs are my own images taken on my Mini Diana)

Lomography has just come out with a new edition of cameras called 'La Sardina', there are four in the collection  that "Inspired by a simple can of Sardines, design and style of maritime dreams while taking beautiful wide angle pictures on 35mm film. Meet El Capitan and Fischer’s Fritze, equipped with Fritz the Blitz flashes, featuring yellow, red and blue filters, it will drench even your darkest pirate adventure in colourful light. Its small size makes La Sardina fit in every pocket to accompany you on all your Lomographic journeys. Also meet Sea Pride and Marathon! Pride is more into icy water, all dressed up in blue and silver and Marathon will take you on a sunny cruise around California. As different as these 2 clones may be, they have one thing in common – a crazy wide-angle plastic lens. Their small size makes La Sardina fit in every pocket to accompany you on all your Lomographic journeys."

I'm currently saving to get El Capitan (I think ... I'm torn between that and the Fischers Fritze) and I'm getting quite excited to get a second lomography camera!

El Capitan:

Fischers Fritze:

More about these camera's and everything to do with Lomography at http://www.lomography.com.au/

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