Wednesday, November 02, 2011

All Of The Above Creative.

I'm always on the look out for new sources of inspiration.

A few months back now I heard about 'All Of The Above Creative', a creative team here in Perth conisting of Fashion Stylists, Hair and Makeup artists and Photographers available for hire to create amazing editorials, campaigns and adversining - the results, AMAZING editorials...

Brought together by a mutual love for fashion, photography and styling, Perth lasses Emma Bergmeier and Hannah McGrath formed All Of The Above Creative in late 2010 with the intention to advocate for some of Western Australia's brightest photography, styling and beauty talent.


Representing WA's brightest emerging photographers, stylists, hair and make up artists, All Of The Creative is an agency dedicated to the dreaming up and executing of editorial shoots, advertising campaigns, promotional images or whatever else one's heart may desire.
I love photographs to tell a story, it instantly draws the viewer in and captivated them within the made up world created for the picture. This can be achieved in a number of ways - through the stying and hair and makeup to create characters, through the set to create a world or even jsut simply through the way the photographs are captured using certain angles, effects and the connection between the subject and camera.

What I love most about all of the work from All of the above is that they never fail to create such an intricate, almost magical world but they also build the most amazing characters that draws the viewer in and leads them on. This shows just how perfectly the stylist, hair and makeup and photographers all work together and understand not only each other but the overall goal and feel to be communicated through the pictures.  
Here's some recent work in the name of ALL OF THE ABOVE CREATIVE..

Above images part of 'The Boys' editorial

Above images part of "She speaks in Velvet" eitorial

Above images part of "Dapple Grey" editorial

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  1. Wow. Amazing shots! That guy in the first editorial is incred.!!!
    Lots of good stuff coming out of Perth :)

    x x Stace

  2. Such intriguing use of colour and lack of. I know one of the fabulous photographers that works with All of the Above Creative. Through her I can see what it takes to be daring and intriguing. It's all so wonderful!!!


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